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Manage your business through a single cloud system

Imagine your large scale business can be managed through a single software that work like a world class manager

Are you looking for a system to manage your company online?
We understand the challenges of managing as your company grows
You need to move away from Legacy Process
The current way of doing things are becoming more and more inefficient
You need a cloud accesible system
A system that everyone can access whether they are working from the office or remotely
What if we tell you that we have the solution?
All-in-one ERP system that helps streamline your business operation and monitor it from your fingertip.
Easy Setup
Choose your modules for your organisation and we deploy it
Cloud Based
Access your ERP from wherever you are
Full Customisation
Create a custom module specific to your company needs
Digitize your entire organisation
Move away from legacy systems and lay the groundwork for a more digitized operation
FixColab Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
A modern Enterprise Management System built for companies of the future
Choose from the available modules for your ERP
Project Management
Human Resources
Inventory Management
3 Steps to getting your ERP
Getting your ERP is as simple as 3 easy steps
Step 1
Schedule A Demo
Step 2
Choose Modules
Step 3
Subscribe and start using
Ready to take action ?
Unleash your business potential
Schedule a demo now
Why Choose FixColab As Your Growth Partner
Custom Made Based on Nature of business and Upgradable
Reduce cost management increase your financial efficiency
Centralize every department and get everyone align
What our clients say
Read what our clients have to say about getting the ERP
Alfred Nyaving
Our expectations of Get ERP have been met much more than we thought they would be. Our data is very well secured and having Get ERP as a partner brings a certain status to the comp...
Felicia Kong
Head of Finance
We reduced the delivery of monthly financial information to managers and partners by six days. Get ERP provides us with immediate information to follow up on the KPIs of all areas....
Naevin Subramaniam
IT Manager
The implementation was a very complex piece of work. Fortunately, Get ERP had these brilliant, dedicated people to help us get over any hurdles.
Lionel Douglas
IT Manager
The best thing about Get ERP is that it is available at all times—we can be certain that our data is backed up to the cloud. Fears about availability and reliability no longer keep...
Iqbal Marzuki
The area that uses the Get ERP is the one providing the necessary data for decision-making. When this becomes more dynamic, the strategic decision process gets streamlined.
Lee Sit Yin
Total Customer Satisfaction Manager
Today, the board can make plans in a much more informed way than before. When this decision-making process is improved internally, there also are improvements for the end consumer.
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